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Gardening Facts and Tips provides practical advice from our team of gardening experts that have university qualifications and many years of experience in gardening. There is a lot of advice on gardening on the Internet, but much of it is not based on science or on long-term practical experience and research. We aim to provide a balanced view of the various options available and we always provide reference sources so that you can review the information and make your own decisions. Gardening Facts and Tips focuses on organic gardening or methods that involve minimum use if chemicals. Plants that are going well can generally remain disease free and can out-compete weeds if given a helping hand.

We welcome articles from established gardeners who meet our stringent requirement for quality and authority. Simply contact us and we will arrange to set up an account for you so income for your articles can be shared.

Gardening Facts and Tips includes articles for vertical and urban gardens, establishing new gardens from scratch, planning and layout for gardens. We also include articles on disease and weed control, watering and maintenance, and innovative new techniques and methods for gardening. It also includes articles on water features and innovative layouts. Our team also includes botanists who provide expert and interesting articles on plants.

The site does not include a directory, but there is a list of articles in various categories. The search tool is very efficient and is a much better way to find articles on topics that interest you. New articles are being added all the time so check back often to find the latest and most up-to-date information of gardening.

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